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Breakfast anyone? Felt Foods

During the last weeks of pregnancy, waiting for my second child to enter this world, I preoccupied myself with household tasks. Although I didn't admit it at the time, this was definitely my "nesting phase." The week before my due date I had baked a pie from scratch, put away all the ornaments and the nativity. Took down the Christmas tree and washed, folded and organized the newborn baby clothes. Then my due date came... and went... still no baby. I was running out of things to do (and energy to do them). Then came the itch to create something crafty.

I decided to sew something for A to play with after the baby was born. The idea of hand sewn felt food piqued my interest. How cool would it be to have a miniature grocery store full of felt foods for the kiddos! My dream is to build a darling play kitchen using Vinny's furniture.

Here are the breakfast foods I created. Didn't use a pattern just kinda eyeballed it using Pinterest as a reference. Assembly process was a combination of machine and hand sewing.

DIY Breakfast Felt Foods | Donuts| by
Doughnuts with dibblies (sprinkles)
Doughnuts: Favorite part was adding the colorful dibblies on top of the frosting. The first doughnut I made looked more like a giant cheerio, but the second doughnut was better proportioned.

DIY Breakfast Felt Foods | Banana| by
Banana fits inside the peel
Banana: Whew! This was a tricky one. Each peel section was machine sewn, turned inside out and then hand sewn together to fit the banana.

DIY Breakfast Felt Foods | Strawberries | by

Strawberries: Fun and easy. Made eight of these little guys. Time consuming part was adding the "white seeds" to the red felt. Used machine to sew one seam. All the rest was hand sewn.

DIY Breakfast Felt Foods | Sunny-Side Up Eggs | by
Sunny side up
Eggs: Hand sewn. Blanket stitch along outside edge and around egg yolk.


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