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DIY Felted Birthday Crown

Since she is willing to keep hats on for more than 5 seconds, I decided to make a special birthday crown for my daughter this year.

A crown seemed like the perfect pattern. I had a few requirements. The pattern needed to be simple, made from felt, adjustable, and reusable for birthdays to come. 

I designed a removable velcro patch. The patch has a cut-out number "2" with a blanket stitch around the outside. It'll be fun to choose different colored felt to make a patch for when she turns 3 next year.

After the first crown pattern was cut out, I pinned it ontop of another piece of felt and sewed around the points. Using two pieces of felt makes the crown sturdy and keeps it from flopping over when placed on the head. 

I left both ends of the crown open in order to slip the elastic band through. The velcro strip was centered and sewn on the front.

She wore it on her birthday and still loves to wear it. I'm going to sew a few more patches for the crown. I ideas for patches! L…

Darling Felt Bows

I don't buy very many hair things for my girls. Why? Well, there are plenty of fun (and easy to make) ideas on Pinterest, so why spend the money, amiright? If I find something cute while I'm out shopping I usually snap a pic so that I can try to make it myself. Sometimes I can whip it up in a couple of hours, sometimes not. It all depends on the complexity of the design/ assembly and, of course how long my girls are down for a snooze. ;)
This darling little bow caught my eye. Simple, yet delightfully cute. I decided to make a few and attach a hair clip to the back. 

I found this free template from the Kiki & Company blog. She has a step by step guide for making the tiny bows.
No sewing necessary. All you need is colored felt, a glue gun, scissors, and alligator hair clips. Hobby Lobby sells alligator clips in bulk packages.

I have my felt pieces cut out and ready to glue.

I made a couple bows to match with the girls outfits. The alligator clips were slipped under the bow tie ba…