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Chicken, Apples and Taters (Felt Food)

Noticing that there was a lack of vegetable variety in our play food reserve, I thought it would be a good time to create a few more food items. Potatoes, chicken, and apple slices. Sounds like a good meal. The spuds were made from an old pair of stockings. There was also a lack of meat in our supply, ergo the felted chicken legs. They were super easy to make using the template on the blog, Art Threads.  From this day on, we can serve bacon AND chicken to Oma and Opa when they visit. 

Those dimples - looks like a genuine russet potato! 

Chicken legs are not a typical meal for us, so I had to explain to the girls what these were and how to pretend-eat them.

And lastly, the felt apple slices. The girls routinely have apple slices for lunch (sometimes with peanut butter spread on top). It's a favorite in this household. I predict a felted apple pie in the future. Oh yes, we need more felt desserts.

Here are the other felt foods I've been working on:
Oranges and PeasDonuts, Strawber…

Feast of St. Valentine 2017

The morning of the feast of St. Valentine, the girls and I ate pink heart-shaped pancakes topped with raspberry jam for breakfast. They gobbled them up, I barely had a chance to eat a few myself! For lunch, continuing the heart theme, PB sandwiches and carrots (making good use out of that cookie cutter). Unfortunately, the munchkins didn't have an appetite and only ate half of what was on their plates. Stinkers. Serves me right for making lunch FUN for a change, golly.  I did, however, enjoy creating said themed foods.

Bud was snoozin' in the front carrier as I made the lunches. He's so cute when he sleeps.  When he wakes from his nap, I just can't keep myself from kissing those warm and rosy baby cheeks.

I hid a few love notes for my husband to discover throughout the day. The Downton Abby printable valentines from Do Small Things With Love blog were perfect! We loved that series. I hid one in his drawer, one in his work backpack and one the car. Apparently, I wasn…

Vintage Trivet

To accompany my felted state ornaments, I also created these vintage fabric trivets for Christmas gifts. Making use of the doily template from Stash Happy Felt, I cut out the felt pieces and choose coordinating floral fabrics. I'm devoted to my floral prints, they're just lovely. A simple running stitch outlines the edges of the petals while securing the fabric to the intricate lace top design.

I kept the blue one for myself, but the others were gifted to exceptional mothers in my life. They also work great as coasters, too!

The trivets bear a resemblance to stained glass windows.

If You Give a Moose a Muffin Party

These dull, gray and cold days of winter seem long and unending. Fortunately, our family was able to escape the dreariness and celebrate a birthday this month. For our daughter's second birthday we hosted a moose party themed after the cherished book, If You Give a Moose a Muffin, by Laura Numeroff. My siblings and I grew up reading this funny story and listening to the book on tape. The silly tale is about a hungry moose who follows the smell of fresh muffins. He enters the house and asks the boy for a muffin, but this is just the beginning of many comical requests. The amusing complications that ensue will entertain youngsters (and adults). 
Since I had such a hoot planning last year's caterpillar party, I was eager to start collecting/creating the decor for the moose party. The book was acquired (for free!) when I posted an "ISO" in the local Facebook sale page.  I'm hoping to do another post featuring this book with photos of the illustrations. 

The decorations…