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Autumn Lovin'

Fall is my favorite. Leaf piles, sweater weather, apple cider, crunchy leaves underfoot, pumpkins, and pies! 

This is our first autumn in the new house and it's SO exciting! The maple trees in our backyard have turned from vibrant green to fiery yellow, and deep red-orange. Each leaf that falls to the ground looks like a piece of artwork. I want to save each one and put it in a frame. God's creation is majestic and wondrous! I'm rediscovering nature's beauty through the eyes of my children. Often I find them captivated, listening to the rustling of the leaves as the wind sweeps through the trees. We have several pines that run along two sides of our yard. The girls will wander the yard in search of pinecones to fill their toy shopping cart. It's just as fun as an easter egg hunt! (Plus, I don't have to "hide" anything, mother nature is in charge of that. ;)

Haven't done any sewing lately, but I did create a wreath to embellish our front door. The Be…

All Saints Day 2016

Happy Feast of All Saints! I love celebrating this feast day; there's a host of holy men and women to learn about. This year, I searched around to find a few of my favorite holy cards to put on our home altar.
Canonized this year is Saint Teresa of Calcutta. The outpouring of love and care that this fragile woman gave to the poor and unwanted is truly humbling. My aunt, a sister of the Sisters of Life, was blessed to have met and talked with Mother Teresa during her visit to NY. She recently sent us this card of the beloved saint.

I'd like to share with you an extraordinary story about my fondness and devotion towards Mother Teresa. Shortly after my first daughter was born, I read about the early life of Mother Teresa. Turns out, the name given to her at birth (before she assumed the name 'Teresa') is the name we gave my daughter. Also, the day my daughter was born, September 10, was the same day St. Teresa accepted the "call within a call," a desire to quench …