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DIY Bibs and Clips

For my second attempt to sew baby wear, I made this matching set. I purchased the white polka dot fabric recently; the other fabric was from my stash.  This was a great project for reusing fabric "odds and ends". 

The bib pattern was simple. To make the bib durable, a piece of felt was sewn between the fabric layers. Snaps are my new favorite. Love how easy it is to add them to clothing! And you can buy a large box of them for a couple bucks. 

The wrap around snap was positioned on the side of the bib to better accommodate little girls with longer hair. (I find it difficult to get bibs on my girls when the fastener is at the back of their head. Their hair always gets stuck in the snap.)

I purchased a packet of colored suspender clips from Amazon. In my opinion, these metal clips stay on much better than the plastic clips found at Target. Want to make some clips like these? Well, here's the blog I found for inspiration on making my baby clips.

DIY Saint Felties

Made these saint felties for my friend's baby shower last weekend. 

I altered the pattern used for my Babuska Dolls to accommodate the Franciscan habit. I decided to make St. Francis and St. Clare because they both wear hoods, and for that reason it would be easy to adapt the doll pattern to suit their individual looks. Also, how could I resist sewing this dynamic duo?

St. Francis is usually depicted surrounded by his critter friends. He would recite the Word of God to the birds and the fishes reminding them to praise and love their Creator. Francis often gave the animals a blessing, making the sign of the cross over them. 

St. Clare had a special devotion to the Blessed Sacrament. In 1241, the city of Assisi was under attack by the Saracens. The nuns were struck with fear because their convent was located outside the walls. St. Clare took the monstrance with the consecrated host and confronted the attackers. The Saracens, upon seeing the monstrance, experienced a terrible wave of fe…