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DIY Knotted Bow Barrette

Whew, I'm back on the blog, hooray! We moved into our first house this spring. Having a backyard is amazing! The girls love running barefoot through the grass and watching the flowers spring up in the yard. Now that we are settled in, I am ready to start another project.

I found this knotted bow clip on Etsty. It's similar to the knotted headbands I made last summer. Without using a template, I guesstimated the bow shape and traced my own pattern. I surveyed the heap of scrap fabric from my sewing tote and found some unique, bold and floral textiles.

I cut two pieces of fabric for each bow using my impromptu paper pattern. After pinning the right sides together, I started sewing just after the neck of the bow. It's important to start there so that when you come back around you leave a small opening to turn the bow right-side out. The hole or gap in the bow is hidden when you tie the knot at the end.

To make the center of the bow, I tied a basic overhand knot. After some exper…