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DIY Baby Leggings

This DIY is a great project for reusing worn or oversized tees. Last spring, I found a couple jersey knit shirts at Dig n' Save. The shirt I used for the baby leggings had a cutesy flower and paisley pattern. I also made a knotted headband out of the same fabric to match the leggings. 

Instead of searching for a pattern online, I just used a pair of leggings that fit my baby. First, I folded her leggings in half and smoothed out the bumps. Then I traced a pattern leaving an inch seam allowance.

I used the original hem of the shirt for the bottom of the leggings. Looking back on this project, I see that I am missing step by step photos. I can't remember how it all came together after this photo, but as you can see in the later photos, the leggings turned out just fine.

Note: Next time I make these, I will be a bit more generous with the back measurements. (more room for baby's diapered bottom ;)

Feast of St. Nicholas 2015

We celebrated the feast of St. Nicholas this year by placing our shoes by the door for St. Nick to fill. Growing up, my family hung stockings on the stairway, but now as a mom myself, I prefer the idea of shoes. And here's why: 1. It's adorable to see them lined up from small to big, 2. You only need a few treats and small gifts to fill them (stockings can be WAY too roomy and take forever to fill), 3. I feel that it's more "old world" and truer to the St. Nicholas story.  

This year the shoes were stuffed with clementines, chocolate santas, applesauce pouches, and assorted nuts. I was hoping to find chocolate coins, but the store only had hanukkah themed ones.

After Sunday Mass and naps, we took the girls to a local tree farm. It was overcast that afternoon which gave the tree fields a lovely haze. This was a first for our family, we'd never cut our own tree before. I hope we come again next year and make it a family tradition. 

As my husband searched the grove…