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Motherhood is a Journey

"...motherhood is a journey that is treacherous and torturously lovely by turns. It feels impossible but it is infinitely worth the undertaking."
- Audrey Assad, catholic musician, wife and mother

DIY Drink Coasters: Wood Transfer Method

Gearing up to attend the Ptak Family Reunion this weekend. It'll be the first time in a long time that all 11 children (my aunts and uncles) will be together. It's going to be a blast! So many "littles" running around and plenty of cousins to catch up with. Not to mention the fabulous potluck meal and "Grandpa Ptak's Memorial Happy Hour" on Saturday evening serving Stanley's Manhattans, Pat's Old Fashioned's, and Mike's Boundary Water Cocktails. 

My sister and I volunteered to design the inaugural tee shirt for the special occasion. She designed the graphic while I researched prices, vendors, and managed the shirt orders. It was fabulous to collaborate with her on the design. Seeing her artwork transform from simple sketches to the refined final design was remarkable. Her illustrations are attractive and stylish and her designs are fresh, yet have a hint of old-timeliness. 

Story behind the graphic...

The reunion graphic uses a swoopy font,…