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A Boy Who Became Pope

I have been following Fabiola's blog for some time. She is an amazingly talented young artist. I am impressed by her experienced drawing style and her good eye for backdrop scenery and landscapes as well as her characterization. I can't wait to see what God has planned for her. She inspires me to use my talents to glorify Him.

The Story of Saint John Paul II: A Boy Who Became Pope is Fabiola's first book for children. It was released to the public following St. John Paul's canonization. This is, by far the best children's book on the life of St. John Paul that I have read.

I love the fact that catholic sacramentals can be spotted all through the book. I noticed that one of her illustrations was based on a photo of Karol at work wearing a cap and scapular. She does a magnificent job helping us call to mind those old photos of our beloved pope.

Her whimsical drawing style reminds me of the concept art for movies such as Tangled and Frozen. Her artwork is bursting with lush color. The color schemes are captivating! Love the repeating reds and purple hues.

The use of parallel illustrations brought the story full circle. For example, the boy Lolek looking out the window with wonder (cover page) and Pope John Pope II on the balcony as the new Holy Father (last page). Great imagery! I loved seeing the poppy flower theme carried throughout the story. It was fun identifying the petal pattern on book spines, vestments, window sills and banners.
It was deep in the month of May. The wind whistled through the fields of a small country town in the heart of Poland. A little boy was born that day. His parents named him Karol. But everyone called him Lolek...

"A Boy Who Became Pope" by Fabiola Garza |

"A Boy Who Became Pope" by Fabiola Garza |"A Boy Who Became Pope" by Fabiola Garza |"A Boy Who Became Pope" by Fabiola Garza |

Some of the delightful illustrations by Fabiola Garza.

"A Boy Who Became Pope" by Fabiola Garza |

"A Boy Who Became Pope" by Fabiola Garza |

My copy of the book came signed with a special doodle by Fabiola herself (so cool!) There is talk of a second book... perhaps a story about the life of Mother Teresa. I will most certainly be on the look out for that book!


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